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How fresh are your statewide 2nd chance leads?

Category: Second Chance Statewide Insurance Leads

When purchasing 2nd chance life insurance leads, it’s important to consider the age of the leads. Fresh leads are more likely to convert into sales, as the individuals have recently expressed interest in purchasing life insurance. The leads that you are purchasing should ideally be no more than 30 days old.

Lead providers may offer leads that are up to 30 days old, This means that the leads were generated within the last 30 days and are considered to be “fresh.” These leads are more likely to be interested in purchasing life insurance, and they will be more responsive to your contact attempts.

Leads that are older than 30 days are considered “aged” leads and they may have already been contacted by other agents or brokers, which makes them less likely to convert into sales. It’s important to ask the lead provider how old the leads are, and if they are older than 30 days, you may want to consider purchasing fresh leads from another provider.

It’s also important to check if the leads have been sold multiple times, as these leads may have already been contacted by several other agents or brokers, which reduces the chances of converting them into sales.

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